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SPIRE podstavec pod notebook VERTIGO PRO, hliníkový

Přidat do oblíbenýchSPIRE podstavec pod notebook VERTIGO PRO, hliníkový
Typ příslušenství:Podstavce.

Kód produktu497543
Part numberCG-UGAP-2S
EAN produktu6943051286853
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnost:Na dotaz
Běžná cena
1919 Kč
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1262.81 Kč
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1528 Kč
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Hlídací pes

The Vertigo Pro laptop/notebooks stand is built out of solid aluminum which enables easy heat dissipation and elevates your laptop to a better viewing height. Equipped with neat cable routing grommets for an organized desk. The unit is completely formed out of lightweight aluminum which supports for great dissipation of laptop heat. The ergonomic design and anti-slip features of the Vertigo Pro provide a comfortable computing experience. Whether you’re watching movies, you’re in a video conference, or writing your daily emails this product facilitates better screen viewing and helps to prevent or reduce neck strain. The Vertigo pro is compatible up to 17 inch large laptop computers which makes the Vertigo pro a great universal choice for laptop cooling and ergonomic computing.


  • Strong and solid design
  • Ergonomic computing comfort
  • Light weight and portable
  • Passive cooling
  • Anti-slip feet and top pads for secure and stable grip
  • Applicable from 10 to 17 inch laptops
  • 2 year manufacturer service warranty


Unit Weight 1.58
Unit Dimension (cm) 25.1 x 25.1 x 16.7
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Light and portable
  • Passive cooling
  • Anti-slip feet and top pads
  • Ergonomic computing
  • Supports 10 to 17 inch
Type Ergonomic laptop stand
Accessoires No
Adjustment Turn and Swivel
Application Ergonomic desk setup
Display (inch) up to 17
Version 2.0
Housing Aluminium
Shape Square
Material Aluminum
Life expectancy 10 years
Operating temperature 0 ~ 40
Packaging Brown box
Packaging type Retail
  • User manual
Adjustable No
Assembly No
Capacity up to 10KG
Clamp No
Angle 30
Dimensions 25.1 x 25.1 x 16.7
Connection No docking included
Colors Silver
OS Support All OS
Warranty 2 years
Typ příslušenství: Podstavce
Aktuální cena produktu je1528Kč  s dph
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